Free Burgers for a Year with Your Best Cheesy Joke at Burger King

Free Burgers for a Year with Your Best Cheesy Joke at Burger King

100 crown-shaped car air fresheners will be up for grabs at the drive-thru to celebrate its one-month anniversary 

On 26th November, Burger King Lowestoft will celebrate its one month anniversary and the Home of the Whopper would like to celebrate the royal occasion with a tasty giveaway for customers.

To share the anniversary excitement with locals who want to eat like the King himself, Burger King UK® are offering up limited-edition car air fresheners that will reward the lucky holders to a free cheeseburger with any meal bought at the drive-thru, for the next year.

To become one of the owners of this sought-after crown-shaped gift, BK lovers will need to make sure they are one of the first 100 people to visit the Lowestoft drive-thru on its one-month anniversary on 26th November, and greet staff at the window with a cheesy joke, to get their hands on one of the coveted air fresheners.

Burger King UK® has been delighting customers for 60 years, with its commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experience. The new Lowestoft restaurant showcases Burger King® UK’s updated, modern restaurant design roll-out, using natural materials with a bold colour palette and American prints.

 While there, be sure to check out the range of flame grilled burgers, crispy and tender chicken and snack options including Chilli Cheese Bites and Chicken Fries.

Safety is Burger King’s number one priority, and to enable restaurants to open, a number of procedures have been put in place to safeguard the health of both Burger King employees and customers, following detailed operational testing.

These include additional PPE such as masks and gloves for staff, stringent cleaning measures, contactless delivery options via Deliveroo and Just Eat and all Burger King staff comprehensively trained on the Government’s social distancing measures – including how to run kitchens hygienically, whilst abiding by them.

For more information visit the BurgerKing website 


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