Avanti celebrate 19 years of meeting the tax return deadline

Avanti celebrate 19 years of meeting the tax return deadline

Unless you’ve been in a cave for the last month, there was no escaping the looming tax return deadline of 31st January.  In the wake of this years deadline, Avanti Accountants share with us their top tips on how to submit tax returns next year Online. On time. No fine. 

It’s over for now, but in the run up to the 31st of January Victoria Sharp and her team, for the 19th year running, worked tirelessly to ensure that HMRC wouldn’t receive a penny in late submission fines for her clients. “I hate to see clients fined, and that’s why we have developed systems, combined with a proactive approach, to ensure that our clients returns are submitted Online. On time. No fine”

Victoria adds, “We saw the usual flurry of excuses and elaborate attempts at expense claims this January, from clients trying to justify the difference between the allowable £208 (Director) use of home and their £8,000 use of home claim, naturally this was not allowed, and yes, we heard the traditional ‘my dog ate it’ excuse for work coming in late. Regardless the team ploughed on and got all of the returns submitted on time!”

Below are Avanti’s simple top tips to get ahead of the game for the tax return deadlines next year:

  • Put a percentage of your income away towards your taxes
  • Keep your paperwork neat
  • Get everything to your accountant early so that you can allow for tax planning

The team at Avanti are looking forward to their franchisees being better able to support clients based across the UK, with the same successful submission rate as their wonderful team at head office. Maybe if your accountant didn’t go above and beyond to prevent you receiving a fine, perhaps it’s time for a change?

For more information and contact details visit the Avanti website 

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