Why saying ‘I do’ to a mid-week wedding is a great idea

Why saying ‘I do’ to a mid-week wedding is a great idea

Wedding trends come and go. However, according to Alan Sabol, GM of Bruisyard Hall, there is one trend in the world of modern weddings that seems to be gaining momentum.  According to new reports, one in three couples are rejecting weekend weddings and managing their budgets by holding their ceremonies during the week, when rates are often more favourable.

A more relaxed affair

When it comes to the biggest day of your life, it’s a great time to make the world work around you for once.  At Bruisyard Hall, their mid-week weddings take place over multiple days, with three whole days to prepare, perform and pamper yourself.  Meanwhile, once the wedding is complete, you will still have your first weekend as a married couple to look forward to.

Modern working practices, modern wedding

With remote working, flexible contracts and a shift away from the regular ‘9-5’ working culture, getting married on a weekday is the perfect option for those who don’t necessarily fit into traditional patterns of work.

A weekday holiday for your guests

More and more people are saying ‘I do’ on a weekday and that will only increase as the trend grows. A mid-week wedding is the perfect excuse to break the cycle of weeks and weekends, take some time out, and turn your wedding into a holiday.

A chance to avoid the crowds

During Spring and Summer, couples are always clamouring for the prime weekend spaces at the best venues in the area.  Choosing to marry mid-week will allow you more options in finding the dream venue. These venues are more likely to offer a better deal if you’re tying the knot mid-week. Your budget is going to stretch a lot further and you’re going to find service providers are a lot more amenable.

Feeling the call of the mid-week wedding? Email info@bruisyardhall.com or call 01728 639 000 to discuss how Bruisyard Hall can best serve your needs.

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