What’s all the fuss about Avanti networking?

What’s all the fuss about Avanti networking?

Victoria Sharp, MD of The Avanti Group, spills the beans on the growing networking phenomenon taking Suffolk by storm as she explains ‘what’s all the fuss about Avanti Networking’?!

When you see our adverts and hear people talk about Avanti Networking, you will hear the words, fun, vibrant, supportive and professional. We are proud to have these adjectives linked to our Networking groups but that is all they are at the end of the day, words, so what’s the substance behind the words?

Why is Avanti different?

Avanti is more than a brand, it’s the team behind the scenes making sure that each event runs smoothly, that we’re listening to our members and making sure our events are useful and relevant. It’s being greeted warmly and introduced to relevant members. It’s tending to any concerns to make sure everyone is comfortable and supported.

It’s actions rather than words that set Avanti Networking apart from the crowd.

Who attends Avanti Networking?

People looking to learn from other local business people, to seek out and help to create business opportunities, and to be a part of a supportive and collaborative business community.

People who hate networking, people who love networking, people from large companies, small companies and sole traders. People who can’t make breakfast or evening events and people who don’t want to work in a bubble, who want to get out there and be a part of the vibrant Suffolk business community.

What’s the deal with the all women’s group?

Firstly, we don’t just offer all female networking, we have two very successful mixed groups too.

Time and time again we receive comments from guests saying that they didn’t know what to expect from the ladies group or that they were amazed by just how much business is passed in the room. Preconceptions aside, it’s about choice. If you don’t like it, don’t give it another thought. If it makes you feel a little bit more comfortable about trying networking, great! If your business is geared towards a female customer-base, this could be amazing for you!

In a 2017 survey based on 1 years membership, a sample of 38 members showed that they had received total revenue of £93,962.50. 

I don’t need to go networking…

Many people who attend our networking groups already have a client base and their businesses are doing very well. They come to Avanti Networking for a variety of reasons. Some because they like to get a bit of fresh input every now and then. Some because they get inspiration and new ideas from the discussions in the room. Some because they recognise that no business is an island – that business can be fickle and unpredictable and success is not to be taken for granted.

Good will and strong business relationships are not just useful on the way up… they can help to sustain and accelerate growth – and also break a fall should the unthinkable happen.

Our networking provides an enjoyable, welcoming and light-hearted platform for business people to build fruitful relationships through getting to know the people in the group, sharing expertise and advice, making useful introductions and supporting the other members.

There’s a buzz around Avanti Networking because it works

Avanti Networking creates a small army of people who are an extension of your team. You might not need much in the way of new business this second, but you might need some support outside your business. You might benefit from a wider network to source reputable services or products for your business. This group will always know someone who can help. Saving your business money, cutting risk and improving your business in a numerous ways.

If you don’t believe me, come along and see for yourself. Contact Emma-Louise Jones on 01473 558866 or email Avanti Networking to book a visit or for more information.

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