Student Life event, introducing ‘My Life’

Student Life event, introducing ‘My Life’

Regional, award winning young person’s charity Student Life held an event announcing the exciting news of ‘My Life’  

On Monday 20th September here at Student Life we held an event inviting Key Stakeholders and young people to re-cap on how far our charity has come and where we are today announcing the rebranding of ‘My Life’. On arrival we had the door frame decorated with a balloon arch by Kayleigh Drake and her nan Josie Bonfield, service and catering provided on entry by Jamie- Lee Smith Catering and live music performed by 16-year-old singer, songwriter Roma Manteiga- Nicholson filling the room with a lovely and lively atmosphere, which was captured by Photography Co-editor Sophie Debenham. 

The first part of the evening was providing our guests with appetisers and drink whilst they socialised in the foyer talking about their individual business and what involvement they have with Student Life. “I first got involved in the charity on their second film project about anti-bullying ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’ where I told my story. Since then, I have been volunteering at Student Life for 3 years. This year I finished my A levels and now I am the Social Media Manager” explained Student Life’s Social Media Manager Phoebe Cheung  

After socialising in the foyer, we gathered the guests into our training room ready to present the reason we had invited them to this event. The presentation started by Our Chief Executive Director introducing the team members and their rolls, followed by a speech from one of our Trustees Liz Harsant. The beginning of the presentation was a timeline of Student Life. “Where it all began in a coffee shop, to being here today presenting the future of Student Life” said Richard Steward. At this point, he then introduced Director of Editorial and Fundraising Rachel Mitchell where she introduced the exciting news of ‘My Life’. Student Life will remain the same, but our publication is being rebranded to ‘My Life’. “The reason why we have rebranded our publication is because we want to be more inclusive” explained Rachel Mitchell.  

Following the announcement of ‘My Life’ Roma performed her wonderful set as the Student Life team and guests returned to the foyer to network and discuss the exciting news. “I have supported Student Life from the start, and I will continue to support and fund the charity because what they’re doing is fantastic” said James Flinch Suffolk Councilor 

Overall, the night was a success with Key Stakeholders, Young People and the Student Life Team left smiling. We Thank all those who attended and cannot wait for the future of Student Life to grow. 

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