Adnams launch Copper House Pink Gin

Adnams launch Copper House Pink Gin

Adnams, the Suffolk-based brewer and distiller, has introduced it’s new Copper House Pink Gin.  Excitement about the launch has been building all week as Southwold has been showing its ‘pink spirit’ on social media, intriguing Adnams’ fans across the UK.

Head Distiller at Adnams, John McCarthy, is tickled pink with the distillery’s new arrival. He acknowledges the sustained success of gins, and particularly pink gins, in recent months.  Explaining more about the process of creating Copper House Pink Gin, he said:

“Our Copper House Dry Gin is made from grain to glass using East Anglian malted barley which is first brewed into an unhopped beer before being distilled to a vodka with exceptional purity at 96% abv. We then redistil this vodka with six botanicals – juniper berries, orris root, coriander seed, cardamom pod, sweet orange peel and hibiscus flower to create our award-winning Dry Gin. Raspberry is then added to create those amazingly vibrant fruity aromas. It’s a fun, pink twist on our great gin.”

For more information about Adnams visit their website.

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