Suffolk Digital continue to support woodland initiative

Suffolk Digital continue to support woodland initiative

Suffolk Digital are proud members of the Woodland Carbon scheme, a great initiative run by the Woodland Trust.

The Martlesham based printers pay a small excess alongside their paper purchases to support the great work of The Woodland Trust, planting trees in the UK to capture atmospheric carbon.

They’ve been members of the scheme since 2014 and in the last 12 months they have created 80.56 square meters of new woodland at one of the Woodland Trusts accredited UK sites. This equates to the removal of 3222kg of Carbon Dioxide.

SD’s Managing Director Stuart Wade comments, “The scheme is successful partly because it’s easy to communicate how it works. We pay an additional charge, calculated by the Woodland Trust on top of our paper purchases, which then in turn funds the planting of new woodland”.

The business can calculate the carbon cost of your print job and print the Woodland Trust logo on your print items to communicate that the material is carbon neutral, promoting your green commitment.

For further information, please visit the Suffolk Digital website.

Pictures: Cadora Woods

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