Lamination innovation from Suffolk Digital

Lamination innovation from Suffolk Digital

As an industry with roots dating back to 3500 BC the print sector is no stranger to adapting, surviving and developing to accommodate changing demand and meeting consumer’s evolving needs.

At a time when hygiene and sanitation are high priorities it is no surprise to see the latest innovation available from Martlesham based Suffolk Digital; Biaxal Orientated Polypropylene film, a lamination that not only protects print, but also protects people from harmful bacteria.

“This laminate is coated with particles of silver, which have long been known for their ability to fight bacteria” explains Brian Pearson, Director at Suffolk Digital, “by including it in the process, it can eliminate 99% of the bacteria that comes into contact with print.”

Biaxal Orientated Polypropylene film has no expiry and therefore does not wear out or lose its effectiveness. The perfect product for a modern, post-pandemic world.

“It’s anti-bacterial properties are integral to the laminate, so as long as print is coated with the laminate, it will be protected from harmful bacteria and will be easy to clean whilst still maintaining the quality of the print”, Brian adds, “This laminate can protect printed materials whilst also providing an incredibly clear, glossy finish that looks and feels great.”

The laminate has a multitude of uses and Suffolk Digital are promoting it as a coating for business cards, menus, point of sale material, tent cards and table talkers.

For further information or to discuss your printing and laminating requirements contact Suffolk Digital on 01473 614240 or visit the website

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