Brits are more supportive of career in nursing than other countries

Brits are more supportive of career in nursing than other countries

A report by has revealed British parents value nursing, as a profession, much more than many other nationalities. compiled findings of YouGov’s international study which saw participants from 16 countries rank careers from most to least respected, discovering the nursing line of work is most supported by UK parents. 

This International Workers’ Day, in a bid to better understand global perceptions of various occupations, is reviewing the latest data presented by YouGov. 22,000 participants took part in the recent study, all of whom were asked to respond to the following question: “Outside of the coronavirus pandemic, generally speaking would you be happy or unhappy if one of your children held this kind of job?” 


Understanding Why British Parents Value Nursing the Most discovered 71% of Britons revealed they would be happy for their child to pursue a job in nursing. This figure follows a huge increase in support for the NHS, from 46% of the population in March 2020 to 72% in March 2021. It would appear this positive response is a direct result of the integral role healthcare workers have played in battling the Coronavirus pandemic. 

In addition to the newfound growth in support for the UK’s National Health Service, the amount of people who believe the NHS provides higher quality healthcare than other European countries has also increased significantly. is hopeful the recent findings which indicate a more approving attitude towards nursing in the UK will result in the enrolment of a new generation of budding nurses.


Influx of International Nurses a Result of NHS Shortages

Despite the reported positivity surrounding nursing careers, the NHS has battled with significant staff shortages for the last 10 years. During this time, the NHS has seen a substantial decline in the number of registered nurses, reporting vacancies in approximately 1 in 10 nursing posts. As a result, the UK relies heavily on the recruitment of international nurses.

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