Understanding the New DA Act and how it affects your business

Understanding the New DA Act and how it affects your business

As we see this cultural shift in the attitudes toward domestic abuse we need to consider how this will impact on employers when their colleagues make a disclosure. While the new legislation does not directly place a duty of care on employers we know that there is a separate parliamentary committee looking at the role of the workplace with regard to supporting those experiencing domestic abuse.

So what can companies do to help their employees in this situation? Actually there is a significant amount you can do.

  •  Consider their well-being – have you noticed any changes in their emotional or mental health, behaviour, demeanour, concentration, focus, motivation or attendance.
  • Are you regularly checking in with them – keeping the communication channels open, creating an ethos where they can make disclosures and know their employer will make arrangements for them to get the specialist help and support they need.
  • Creating partnerships with your local DA Agencies, like Lighthouse in Suffolk, and promoting helpline numbers and websites.

Most importantly investing in training for Line Managers, HR Professionals and staff in Domestic Abuse Awareness so that they have a better understanding of this complex issue, know the signs, understand the risks and where to signpost their colleagues.

The New DA Act Framework Training, Thursday 30th September 2021
9:30am – 1pm via Zoom

Training is £40 per delegate with a certificate that counts towards CPD

For more information or to book a place please contact Deb at deb@lighthousewa.org.uk

To get involved, donate or get advice visit the Lighthouse website

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