Lighthouse’s Training Service Expansion

Lighthouse’s Training Service Expansion

At Lighthouse believe that Domestic Abuse is Everybody’s Business and because of this they are expanding our Training Service to enable them to reach as many businesses as possible in Suffolk.

One in three women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse, and with more awareness in our society we can all work together to eliminate this crime and stop the suffering of individuals, families and children. Lighthouse have a mission to create domestic abuse awareness communities through training at all levels.

Drawing on over 45 years’ experience providing frontline services to people who have experienced domestic abuse, Lighthouse’s Training and Consultancy Service can help organisations develop the confidence to respond to survivors and support them to the next step in their journey to a life free from abuse.

LWA Training Service

It is crucial when working with survivors of domestic abuse that all professionals understand the dynamics of abuse, how they affect victims including children and the difficult process of recognition and recovery.
With unique expertise acquired through over 45 years of gathering knowledge and experience in the field of domestic abuse, Lighthouse are able to offer training and consultancy to groups of both single and multi-agency participants, designed to suit the specific learning outcomes required. Working directly with survivors and their families, and illustrated with testimonies and case study examples we incorporate our informed experiences into the training.

Lighthouse has seen their reputation increase considerably and  are now reaching a wider audience and as a result of this they have developed a modular training approach which means that organisations are attending several shorter focused sessions which helps to embed learning and also assists in managing staffing resources.

DA Consultancy Service

Domestic abuse impacts the workplace through absenteeism, poor performance, presenteeism , lost productivity, turnover and ancillary recruiting and training costs.

Lighthouse help organisations to put a domestic abuse policy in place and provide focus on increasing employer awareness of domestic abuse and providing practical solutions and toolkits to enable employers to take positive action, and to know how to support their workforce. Empowering employees to feel confident in disclosing domestic abuse and seeking professional help to keep themselves safe with the support of their employer.

In the UK the economic cost of domestic abuse is £66 billion per year, and the significant amount of £1.9 billion of this, being borne by employers though decreased productivity, time off work, lost earnings and sick pay. (Public Health England, 2018)

  • 55% of abused women arrive late for work at least 5 days per month
  • 53% of women are absent from work for at least 3 days per month
  • 75% of domestic abuse victims are stalked in the workplace – from harassing calls and texts to confrontation, assault and even homicide at work
  • (Walby)

Bespoke Training and Consultancy

Lighthouse pride themselves of  working with clients from all different types of organizations to develop interventions and solutions that are tailored to their organisational requirements.

A strong organisational response to domestic abuse starts with clear policies and processes that empower survivors and the colleagues that support them.  Helping organisations to look at, and review existing polices or develop new policies . Lighthouse is committed to advising companies to develop clear pathways to specialist professional Domestic Abuse services for survivors.

Providing bespoke Training Service based on training needs analysis and the implementation of new legislation.

Exciting New Role

As part of expanding their training service the first new role Lighthouse are recruiting. They are looking for a Training and Development Coordinator: The successful candidate will focus on developing new external training opportunities by engaging with Suffolk businesses and agencies with a view to generating sustainable income for the organisation.

This role is designed to build and forge cohesive partnerships with local organisations via networking and increase the profile of the training service.

This is a unique opportunity for someone who possesses excellent communication and organisational skills, the ability to build business partnerships, confidence in networking and accomplished presentation skills that mean they confident & comfortable speaking to an audience or group.

For more information on our Training and Consultancy work or the Training & Development Coordinator post please email


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