New woodland initiative supported by Suffolk Digital

New woodland initiative supported by Suffolk Digital

Suffolk Digital are working with ‘The Woodland Trust’ and their paper supplier ‘Premier Paper’ to create new woodland to remove Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. The Martlesham based printer pays a small excess alongside their paper purchases to support the great work of ‘The Woodland Trust’. Last year the company created 87 square meters of native woodland in the UK removing 3495 kg of Carbon Dioxide.

Stuart Wade, MD of Suffolk Digital, is delighted to be working with local suppliers to ensure the business has a positive effect on the environment and where, possible the company can join innovative schemes such as ‘Woodland Carbon’.

“All of our paper and card purchases are from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sources, but where possible we work with ‘Premier Paper’ in Bury St Edmunds to ensure we get the added benefit of the Woodland Carbon scheme.”

“At Suffolk Digital we love paper and are always happy to show customers the vast variety of paper and card options available and to explain where the paper is sourced and manufactured. The thing that appeals most about the scheme is it has a positive impact locally, creating native woodlands which support natural ecosystems and wildlife in the UK. By producing sustainable print we can improve your carbon footprint too and if you would like to use the Woodland Carbon logo on your print, please get in touch.”

For further information, please visit the Suffolk Digital website.

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