Time for a Financial Health Check?

Time for a Financial Health Check?

The Avanti Group reflects on another calendar year drawing to a close, a period where you might be re-evaluating the past 12 months and turning your thoughts to how you can achieve your financial goals in the forthcoming year.

Avanti will be bringing you a series of bite-size health check tips as 2019 approaches, here’s a sneak preview of their upcoming tips and advice;

Direct Debits – are yours up to date?

In a world full of subscription offers ’30 days free, sign up with your credit card, auto payment is taken from month 2′ type deals often leave you with a direct debit payment or standing order running for a service that you are no longer in receipt of. You can often sign up and cancel the same day but still get your free period, so take a moment to check the terms and if this is available, do it.

Credit Scores- How healthy is yours?

While on the subject of direct debits, stop paying out for subscription credit scoring facilities and sign up to a free service such as Noddle instead, Noddle offer free credit scoring for life, so you can monitor it and see if your actions are improving it or not.

Your credit score will affect your ability to obtain credit, from mortgages to loans – the acceptance will be based on your credit score, so take a moment to check it, get familiar with it, improve it!

How do I improve my credit score?

One easy step you can take to improve your credit score is to obtain a credit card, and set up a Direct Debit to take the minimum payment each month. Regular payment of a credit card will lead to your credit score improving, and with free for life credit scoring website Noddle, you’ll be able to see the improvement happening.

Cashback for Cash-Strapped?

Lose the stigma and wise up to the benefit of cashback sites and facilities so you can treat yourself to those little luxuries guilt free!

Every day we purchase something, whether it’s fuel for your car, food for your stomach or your office stationery order, but are you a savvy shopper?

Cashback sites are common place now, so why aren’t you using them? Generally once signed up, all you have to do is go to the partners website via the cashback site to get a healthy percentage of your spending back.

Save for Your Tax Liabilities

Do check your financial position before committing to saving by standing order but if you can afford to, it’s great to squirrel away a percentage of your income towards your tax liabilities. Save yourself the January blues as the first payments on account become due, with some good old fashioned preparation, planning and saving. Your accountant can advise on this.

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