Networking – Like it or hate it, why do you need to do it?

Networking – Like it or hate it, why do you need to do it?

Networking can be marmite for business professionals with many relishing the opportunity to make connections and others feeling lukewarm about the prospect. Like it or not, unlike the food stuff, networking is an invaluable tool for your business.

Even the statistics provide us with a mixed picture of things;

Did you know?

  • 68% of entry level professionals value face-to-face networking more than online.
  • 85% of jobs are filled through networking.
  • Almost 100% of people claim face-to-face meetings are essential in building long-term lasting business relationships.

And yet…

  • 1 in 4 professionals don’t network at all for business.
  • 41% of networkers attribute lack of time as the reason for not networking enough.

So why do people feel that this effective business strategy is so time consuming that the cost outweighs the benefit?

It’s well known that you should never take your foot off the marketing pedal just because you are busy! When you first implement your marketing plan, you have no idea what will work, be most cost effective or what will really flop but it doesn’t stop you throwing your commitment at strategies to find the unique marketing mix that works for you. Once you have the momentum, keep on going, and find the time to attend the events that will build your business and take it in the direction you want it to be.

Business coach and Avanti Networking member Suzanne MacDonald-Carr, explains “you should be spending 1-2.5 days per month working on your business, and if you’re starting up this should be 3 days in 5!”Avanti networking offers meetings once per month – and with each meeting being packed full of expertise, member presentations and 60 second spotlight for all attending, you can really pack a punch with this cost effective business networking option.

Why does face to face networking remain the preferred choice for 68% of professionals?

While networking online is convenient, it fails to tick the box for the personal connection that we get from a face to face meeting. So many things are open to interpretation when reading an email , LinkedIn invite, or IM, but with face to face, your message can be clear, concise and above all…heard.

Attending networking may seem time consuming but there are few opportunities to meet with as many fellow professionals in a 2 hour time window. Avanti networking allows everyone the same time to speak, giving everyone a chance to shine equally.

Why do almost 100% of people consider face to face meetings to be essential in relationship building?

Whether you are starting up or riding stormy seas, business can be turbulent, unpredictable and take you in directions you had no idea you were heading in. It is therefore important to build yourself a network of support, knowledge and expertise from a trusted pool of professionals. This is exactly what you get from Avanti networking and it’s members, a culture of mutually beneficial relationships, referrals and success.

Are you looking to network the Avanti way? With category lock out, and networking that is cost effective, contact Avanti ( for business networking that takes a fresh forward thinking approach in Norfolk, north Essex and across Suffolk.

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