News website guarantees coverage for Suffolk businesses

News website guarantees coverage for Suffolk businesses

SuffolkWire, a website covering Suffolk business news, is guaranteeing to publish news for Suffolk businesses.

The new media outlet, launched in May, has turned the conventional advertising and editorial approach on its head and is instead charging an affordable annual £400 subscription which guarantees subscribing businesses coverage of up to 25 articles each year – with the option to add more. To encourage early adopters, the annual subscription is reduced to £300 for those who sign up before 31st July.

Hana Dickinson, founder of SuffolkWire, explains: “We want to give all Suffolk businesses an equal and affordable opportunity to communicate their news. SuffolkWire is an online platform for Suffolk businesses of all shapes and sizes to share their news and successes with their peers. Once signed up as a Contributor, they can share news about new hires, information on new products and services, details of events aimed at other local businesses, profiles on their key people, thought leadership articles and helpful tips and advice. All for less than £20 per article…

She continues: “We’ll build an engaged audience keen to keep their finger on the pulse of Suffolk business and will upload and share the success stories and developments of the vibrant and diverse business community. All for what is essentially an admin fee. We do have a few parameters around what we will and won’t publish to protect the integrity of the site. Everything will be presented in an interesting and informative way aimed at a business audience. Details of our editorial policy can be found on”

All articles on this news site are submitted by registered contributors of SuffolkWire. Find out how to subscribe and submit your stories here »