Become A DJ With 3 Steps Anyone Can Do!

Become A DJ With 3 Steps Anyone Can Do!

If you aspire to become a DJ, then it is first important to know that your dreams are wholly attainable.

There has been considerable debate in recent times as to whether or not DJs are ‘real musicians’, and the general consensus is, of course, yes they are! However, some people liken many of them to ‘human iPods’, merely playing already successful tracks with a few subtle techno additions thrown in. Where you fall in this debate as a DJ yourself depends on a few crucial factors.

Here are the 3 simple steps you can take to ensure that you become a DJ in the right way, with the right crowd.

Consult A Quality Supplier

DJs need quality equipment to enrich their sound and lend some flare to their image.

Your first port of call here should be to Energy AV Sales, where you will find a range of useful tools such as studio headphones, multipurpose mixers, state-of-the-art speakers, and professional high end lighting equipment. Moreover, of all their stock comes in at an incredibly cost-effective pricing range, so they are the perfect supplier to get your DJing started with style.

Even average performers can put on a great show if they have the right equipment backing them every step of the way. Looking like you know what you are doing is what will mostly sell your act if you’re a beginner. That’s why it’s important to invest with the best suppliers, enabling you to construct a professional image on day one.

Spread the Word

Just like any performer or artist, DJs need to build a following so that they can incentivise venues to lend them the stage or book airtime.

Advertise your services wherever possible; through social media, in locally delivered newspapers and pamphlets, or even at your current place of work. Getting your name out there is a crucial step in the process that needs to begin as early as possible, as it’s what will secure you work in the long run.

You may also find that many DJs marry their talents with an impervious persona. Developing a DJing alter ego could work in your favour; in that you are becoming a full-fledged entertainer and not just some random person turning tables in the corner. The hype around your act is what legitimises you as a performer, so pay plenty of attention to that side of things.

Perform Online

The pandemic has changed the game in terms of how many DJs operate.

Due to venues all being shut down across the UK, many talented DJs are trying their hand at putting on online shows instead, live streaming their talents to fans and newcomers to their art everywhere. Unfortunately, there are real concerns as to whether many of these artists can survive the pandemic, so if seasoned DJs are struggling, you can likely expect a slice of that turbulence yourself.

However, its worth mentioning that your online audience could potentially be filled with people from around the world, instead of just the local area. Additionally, you are also free of venue capacity restrictions, so even when the pandemic has abated, exploring online shows could well be a golden opportunity to not only practice your art but to expand your reach also.

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