Turn your love of dogs into a career

Turn your love of dogs into a career

Managing or owning a great business can provide you with a reason for existing – a mission that makes you jump out of bed every morning and look forward to the day ahead. Dogs are the heart and soul of Canine Creche and it was upon meeting Candace Rose of the Canine Creche Group that a dream business became a reality for Arron Crain and Julie Edmonds.

Julie and Arrin were at the height of their professional careers, Julie as a top dermatology surgery nurse and Arrin managing a high value finance organisation. They chose to become a franchisee with the Canine Creche Group due to the expertise of the management team, award winning systems and their proactive vision of the canine industry.

“The beauty of undertaking a franchise is that while the business model is established, you still have the flexibility to be creative and add your own personal touch”, stated Julie Edmonds. “We have been able to add new theme weeks like Pyjama Party Week, Alice in Wonderland, Hollywoof and 80’s week as well as bring in 30-40 bales of straw each quarter to ensure that the dogs are enriched and engaged. Not only are they stimulated on a physical level each day, but also a mental level too”.

Why is doggy day care so important? Studies show that the reason many dogs are euthanised is based on poor socialisation early on in their life. At Canine Creche that issue is resolved by teaching and encouraging healthy and balanced play from the beginning.

Many dogs have behavioural issues due to fear and anxiety when meeting other dogs on walks. By allowing your dog to play off lead, in a safe and happy environment results in a lot of these issues being addressed and resolved.

The future is bright for Needham Canine Creche as they focus on growing their grooming business, which was added earlier this year. Additional revenue streams will be added in 2019, such as training and even a doggy hotel. Canine Creche are always listening to what their client base need – though they like to refer to their clients as extended family as that’s what they are, making their doggy world more enjoyable and more convenient.

Watch this space as the fun continues to grow!

For more information visit the Needham Canine Creche website

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