The inspectors will soon be sniffing around, and that’s great news for us

The inspectors will soon be sniffing around, and that’s great news for us

It isn’t just be schools and nurseries that get regular inspections and ratings, but from October this year, dog day care centres, boarding kennels and other animal care businesses will also be assessed. Candace Rose, MD of The Canine Creche Group explain why this is brilliant news for humans and dogs alike…

It’s official, legislation has changed, and now, just like you might visit your local environmental protection website to see the hygiene rating of your favourite takeaway, you’ll be able to do the same with animal care facilities.

This is great news for your dogs, and peace of mind for you. Once the inspectors have visited a facility, they will grade it against model conditions. If a business isn’t up to scratch, or sniff, then they’ll have to make improvements or face getting shut down.

You’ll be able to see each businesses’ score online, and our whole industry is getting a new measure of quality. For forward thinking companies, this means there’s good reason to invest more in providing a superior service and therefore receive a top rating. This will drive up standards for your precious pooches. And I’m happy to say we can’t wait to show off our facilities to the inspectors.

Best in show

At the Canine Creche Group we’ve already been striving for excellence, and we’re glad that there will now be a nationally recognised benchmark. For instance, inspectors will assess how a facility uses space, customises it for the specific purpose, and ensures it’s fit for use.

All our creches have separate rooms, areas and zones, designated for various doggy activities such as fast and physical games for those high energy hounds, puppy introduction and socialising zones, and a special chilled out area for our golden oldies.

Our activity areas offer something for every dog, such as brain games, power naps and sleeping zones. We have quiet places, wet areas (for dogs that want to splash and swim) and cuddle zones.

So feel free to pop in and conduct your own assessment, and don’t forget to bring your dog along so they can make up their own mind. We’ve always been a superior quality dog creche, and we can’t wait for the inspectors to see that for themselves.

Email or call on Tel: 01473 636151 and speak with our team about what we can offer you and your dog.

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