Suffolk Canine Creche: Spotlight on the dog salon – Fluff the Ruff

Suffolk Canine Creche:  Spotlight on the dog salon – Fluff the Ruff

Suffolk Canine Creche would like to introduce an interim dog styling service to SuffolkWire readers  – the Splash & Dash!

Bathing your dog when needed is an important part of general pet care.  Some pooches like to make it a more regular program for their owners if they are partial to rolling in fox poo or something equally disgusting or maybe they are keen on the puddles!  However, the most common reason to bathe is to ensure they are fresh smelling and not stinky!

For dogs with specific skin conditions, bathing may be part of their medical treatment plan as recommended by their vet and something that should be maintained.

Finally, a fresh smelling pooch will mean your carpets, furniture and car are also not absorbing unwanted dirt and smells.

STYLIST OR GROOMER – what is the difference?

Some say the difference is just in the name, however at Fluff The Ruff, the in-house salon at Suffolk Canine Creche we tend to find that groomers are not as skilled with scissoring techniques and it’s the Stylists that perform EXQUISITE scissoring that gives Fido the Rockstar look.

Most groomers can use a pair of clippers and shave the coat down, though clients have become much more discerning and require more than that.

DOODLES (Cockapoos, Labradoodles, pooches with a bit of poodle in their make up)

With the ever increasing popularity of Doodles, most people are not familiar with Poodles, how to deal with their coats and how much maintenance they require.

A visit to the local salon can eradicate any matting (clumps of fur) that can occur, daily maintenance is key, and a good brush every evening will help to keep those knots at bay.

Rose commented “Our Stylists recommend and encourage their clients to brush UP as well as down, to help reduce matts, and a great slicker brush is the tool of choice.  We have also devised an interim service, it’s called the SPLASH & DASH, and is great to book in-between a full styling service, particularly if you don’t want your dogs hair to be any shorter but it still needs a tidy up. It’s like a quick trim for humans who don’t want a full restyle!”


So what’s included?…Well a full bath, brush and blow dry of course, and the hair is trimmed around the eyes, and feet (not on the body), the nails are manicured and the after service spritz with our deliciously smelling scents.

Suffolk Canine Creche has an on-site salon at Martlesham, of course in the dreadful wet weather it takes its toll on a longer or fuller coat, so a Splash & Dash can help you to maintain it.

For more information visit the website Tel: 01473 636151  or email,

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