Puppy Playgroup launches for ‘lockdown puppies’

Puppy Playgroup launches for ‘lockdown puppies’

With the onset of Covid-19, new puppy owners have found socialisation particularly difficult.  At Suffolk Canine Creche we have all identified a huge increase in organic enquiries for day care for new puppies.

When we register any new dog, we perform an assessment of temperament, and we have viewed a higher increase of puppies that are on the shy side, nothing that requires a full behavioural placement, but we do need to work quickly and carefully to build confidences.

As our very famous Puppy Parties can operate at the moment due to guidelines and rules (they simply would not be covid-19 secure) Our MD has been worked tirelessly on evolving a new PUPPY PLAYGROUP.

MD Candace Rose commented “With a lockdown puppy myself who was born on March 3rd, I had noticed that she was extremely confident at home, but not so much once we could take her out.”  “Previous puppies have gone everyone, sat outside cafes, visited the beach, met up with friends for dog walks and of course attended a puppy party and day creche, but all of this was not available”.

Rose continued “I had an idea of tweaking the famous puppy parties we used to do, and evolving it into something smaller, more intimate which could help everyone, still be a big bag of fun and of course would be COVID-19 safe”


Puppies from 12 weeks upwards will be split into Baby, Toddler and Preschool Groups dependent upon their age, and attend a one hour Playgroup.  Its our usual abundant levels of fun and excitement, coupled with some advice and educational information for our new owners.

Owners will get to see if their puppy is on the timid side, running at a steady pace or maybe has got a bit boisterous, and be able to check that behaviour.  Many owners have slightly older puppies that arrived during lockdown and have not been able to interact safely with any other dogs due to social distancing and guidelines, this does allow us to also work with our older Preschool Puppies to provide a much needed safe environment to gain better social skills.


You betchya!  We have applied all distancing measures, groups are strictly limited, based outside in the playground (covered if weather is inclement), all measures and precautions are in place.  Sanitiser is prevalent and we use our wonderful “no touch” system, as well as misting your dogs with our completely 100% safe spray will kills all pathogens.

These wonderful new events are hosted at Martlesham, Lowestoft Canine Creche, Colchester Canine Creche and St Mary’s Canine Creche, speak to your local facility now about enrolling.

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