Suffolk Canine Creche – Puppy paw-ties for the new decade

Suffolk Canine Creche – Puppy paw-ties for the new decade

The Bow-WOW© factor continues at the multi-award winning Suffolk Canine Creche and their associated franchisees, as they prepare for their next cluster of Puppy PAW-TIES to kick into the New Year.

New puppies (strictly up to 6 months old) can attend with the families and commence a program of socialisation, education and fun.

For two hours, owners will learn about socialising their puppy and view first hand if their own pooch is slightly timid, extremely bouncy or something in between.  Education surrounding regular health checks and things owners should be doing such as monitoring teeth, ears, eyes and feet.  How to cut nails, when to groom, how frequently, as well as critical help with puppy biting.

Candace Rose the MD and inventor of this format Puppy Paw-ties commented “Owners rave about these sell out events, they meet other new puppy owners, it’s a social event and learn about performing their mini MOT on their puppies.  Owners also get to take home a puppy pawty bag chock full of goodies and vouchers including a free puppy groom, a day in creche and even an overnight sleepover!”

Puppy Paw-ties are hosted in all sites, they always have a wait list and the next dates for our locations are: –

11th January    Suffolk Canine Creche (at Martlesham)

18th January    Colchester Canine Creche

25th January    Lowestoft Canine Creche

1st February     St. Marys Canine Creche (at Capel St.Mary)

If a new puppy joined your family over the festive period or you have one arriving soon, enrol onto one of these super events, it’s a small cost of £20.00 per dog and you can bring the whole family (children are very welcome) with many Puppies bringing an entourage!

The event is fully controlled, with experienced trained staff on hand to ensure puppies safety and well-being, puppies that are fully vaccinated and are aged up to 6 months only are eligible.  The venues are decorated to look and feel like a true party.

During 2019, hundreds of puppies attended one of our events, we are incredibly proud that we have assisted this many pupsters in the early days of their socialisation in a safe and incredibly positive way.

For more information visit the Suffolk Canine Creche website –

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