Laws changing for animal businesses

Laws changing for animal businesses

New legislation and model conditions for the animal sector will be bought in from 1st October 2018.  Dog daycare businesses, boarding kennels and most businesses that offer animal care are included.

The model conditions have many different sections, one in particular covers the use of space, how it should be custom designed and fit for purpose.

Founder and MD of the Canine Creche, Candace Rose, has consulted professionals at the highest levels within the canine industry and says, “This really has been a long time coming, the new system will have more coordination as all local authorities will have the same set of model conditions to work with, currently each LA develops their own.”

Introducing the ‘newbies’

“In the future dog canine facilities will be required to clearly separate areas and zones.  This is required from the very start of the relationship and new dogs MUST be introduced in a way that avoids stress, so facilities that put a new dog in with all their current dog clients will have to halt that approach.  It is very stressful for the dogs, imagine being the new child at school and being forced to enter a room that has 30-40 other children in it that you do not know, and all those children running towards you, it would be very intimidating and can really cause unnecessary stress!”

Candace continues; “At all of our Creche’s we already have separate rooms, areas and zones, where different levels of enrichment occur, such as fast and physical games for more high-energy dogs, puppy introduction areas,  socialisation zones, and a special area for our golden oldies.  Our activity areas all offer something for every dog, brain games, power naps and sleeping areas, we have quiet zones, wet areas (for dogs that want to splash and swim), as well as cuddle zones!”

Canine Creche Suffolk facilities are based in; Bury St. Edmunds, Ipswich (Farthing Road), Martlesham, Needham Market and in Lowestoft.

For more information email, telephone 01473 636151 to speak with the team or visit the Canine Creche website

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