Canine enrichment – What is it?

Canine enrichment – What is it?

Animal Day Care businesses must now abide by strict licensing legislation that involve staff to dog ratios, building layout and use and one section covers ENRICHMENT.

So what exactly does it entail? We viewed all the weekly shenanigans at Suffolk Canine Creche and their franchised sites in Lowestoft, Colchester and Capel St.Mary to see exactly what its all about.

Candace Rose MD explained “Enrichment ensures that dogs are provided with a variety of toys, games and activities, as well as different areas to accommodate physical games, brain games and retreating for a snooze.”


“Dog owners are starting to hear more about enrichment, establishments separate their area’s and spaces, not all dogs should be together in day care in the same room, they all have different needs, much the same as children in a nursery, canine facilities are required to clearly separate area’s and zones.”

At Suffolk Canine Creche they have always had activity area’s that offer and they have their famous THEMED WEEKS.  Candace Rose invented the idea of themed weeks from the outset, it just happens to align nicely with legislation.

“They normally match up with national or local current events, and are a format that ensures variety (enrichment), different toys and activities are used to align with these events, such as Royal Ascot, Howl-O-Ween, Harry Paw-ter Week, Armed Forces Week and seasonal events such as Easter Egg Hunts, Paw printing for Mothers and Father’s Day cards and of course Christmas Paw-ties.

So it’s not just about dressing up dogs then? Rose laughs “Gracious no its not, it ensures that we keep it varied and fresh, we never play the same old games week in and out, using the same old tired toys, we promote enrichment, the dogs do not really care whether we come in with a cabbage, they are immediately interested – what’s happening? what are the rules?  what do they need to do?   We pique their interest.

“Occasionally, the owners get a party bag that matches the week, for Safari Week, we gave out 1,000+ biscuits in party bags that were custom made in the shape of cactus and sheriff badges and during Harry Paw-ter Week almost 500 complimentary bandanas were gifted.  It ensures the owners are involved and engaged, it demonstrates the extra lengths we go to as a brand.”

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