Canine Creche Group Develops and Launches New Social Club

Canine Creche Group Develops and Launches New Social Club

Research has shown that the top reason for rehoming a dog is due to behaviour problems. The Dogs Trust has recorded that 49% of owners state their dog shows behavioural signs of fear when they hear loud noises and local Canine Creche facilities have all reported that anxious puppies and dogs are on the increase.

The UK pet dog population has hit a new record at 9m dogs, says the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association.  The growth in dogs marks an increase of 400,000 pets over last year and shows that 26% of households now own a dog, representing an increase of around 300,000 households. 

To address this escalating problem Candace Rose MD and Founder, Canine Creche Group has spent months developing a new Puppy Social Club ©CCG2019, which will be hosted in all facilities.

Rose commented “Socialisation is the process of teaching a puppy or young dog how to cope and behave well in a human modern world.  To a puppy, everything in the world is brand new and they have never seen any of this before.  We encourage our members to try to remember this perspective as they teach what is expected of their puppy.”

This six week club will aid and boost the puppy’s confidence, promote good manners and increase the human to dog bond.  This is all achieved through counter conditioning and desensitisation, delivered with a big dose of fun!

Anxious or timid puppies will grow in confidence, whilst bolshy puppies will learn good manners all in “real world” situations.

This is not obedience or puppy training, (though of course manners and basic obedience will improve) this is all about those soft skills.  Its PRESCHOOL for PUPPIES!

Many of our clients have reported the difficulty they have to safely socialising puppies in a caring environment, this Club will now deliver this.

Commencing in all Creches during March and April Tel: 01473 636151 to locate the best time and location for you and your puppy.

For further details or images contact CCG on 01473 636151.  E:

Photo credit:  CRose (Suffolk Canine Creche)

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