The Canine Creche Group launches ‘in home’ dog care service

The Canine Creche Group launches ‘in home’ dog care service

The Canine Creche Group has spent 18 months researching ‘in-home’ pet care services ahead of launching their own ‘Nana Creche’ in home dog care service in June this year.

Founder and MD Candace Rose explains: “The idea has developed initially from many of our clients struggling when their dogs needed to be castrated or spayed, or maybe had an injury or illness and needed at home care.  We always listen to our clients and found that this situation really caused issues, particularly if they had to go back to work.”

Through meetings with insurance underwriters, The Canine Creche Group learnt that Dog Walkers can have a high degree of insurance claims, with the majority of these caused when dogs are walked in higher numbers together and when they are let off the lead. Meetings with local Veterinary Practitioners uncovered that, following surgery, many pets have to return to the vets with added complications because they’ve chewed stitches or injured themselves when left unsupervised.

With a reputation for turning dog care services on its head and really changing the industry for the better, Rose and her team set about developing the In-Home Care Service and overhauling industry standards.

The inspiration for the name Nana Creche has derived from the original Peter Pan film where the children’s nanny was a St Bernard called Nana.  Rose elaborates: “I think many children myself included experienced the nurturing care of a nana, granny, grandma or nanny, and I really want this service to be reminiscent of that type of care.”

Nana Creche offers 4 services: –

  • Post-operative care to help cover small operations such as castration or longer-term injury or illness. Great for dogs that need specialist care, cannot be left for too long on their own, needs medication or dressing changes.
  • Specialist dog walking with GPS tracking – which shows their route, and how long they have been out
  • Companion visits for dogs who may need a comfort break, a spot of company and a cuddle, and a run around the garden
  • Poop scooping the garden

Fully Trained Nanas

All The Canine Creche Group’s Nana’s are DBS cleared, fully insured and canine first aid trained and qualified. Plus they have fulfilled their training in one of The Canine Creche Group’s Day Creche centres, which includes training about every aspect of dog behaviour, care and engagement.

Rose continues: “All the Nanas are passionate about providing love, and attention to the dogs and will never ‘just quickly pop-in’. If Fido requires a little extra specialist care, requires medication, has unique health needs, is elderly and just needs a mooch around the garden and a chat to break up their day, then a Nana is what you need.

“We psyhcometrically test prospective Nanas from the start to make sure they are ‘Care Givers’ and we thoroughly check their background as well as getting them their DBS certified clearance.

“We are currently selecting and training our first intake of Nanas, the service will be live from June 2018 and we aim to have a Nana in every postcode.”

For more information on Nana Creche from The Canine Creche Group, get in touch on or call on Tel: 01473 636151.

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