CANINE COUTURE; to coat or not to coat?

CANINE COUTURE; to coat or not to coat?

Canine couture is popular, but should we coat or not coat?

Many dogs – even hardier breeds such as Norfolk Terriers and Labradors can get chilly in the winter, so a coat, jumper or pj’s is a great way to keep them comfortable. For small breeds like Chihuahua’s, Dachsunds and Yorkie’s a coat is advisable for staying warm and happy in cooler weather, slender breeds in particular do require some help such as Whippets.

Some dogs were bred with a thicker or a more dense coat, including the Siberian Husky, however other bigger breeds might benefit from a coat, so assess each individual dog.  Greyhounds are more sensitive to the colder weather, for example, so this particular breed, even though on the larger side could use the extra layering.

Lets not forget the rain….for dog owners taking their pooch out on a rainy day, a coat with a waterproof top level can be a great way to avoid wet dog hair.  Dogs that have a thick coat might not need a coat for warmth, but to arrive home with a dry dog could save some time under a dryer!  Each dog should be assessed with careful consideration given to potential over heating.

Not all dogs need coats,  some breeds such as Akitas, Cairn Terriers, Newfoundland’s and Siberian Husky’s,  all do well in cold weather thanks to their undercoats. Always research your breed first to see if a coat is necessary.

Suffolk Canine Creche commented “When buying a coat for your dog, always measure your pet correctly to ensure you get a good fit. You don’t want the coat to be too snug as this could affect your canine’s mobility. Also, check there are no hanging zips, tags or parts on the coat that will get caught or irritate your dog.  We welcome you to pop in with your pooch, and we can soon have Fido measured up and even try on some styles.”

Some people may think dog coats are silly, but there are other reasons a dog can benefit from wearing one in cold weather…


Like humans, as dogs age their ability to handle the cold may become an issue, particularly at night once the central heating has clicked off, so wearing aj jumper, onesie or pj’s to bed can certainly help.

Owners need to provide alternatives to help keep their pooches comfortable in cold weather.

Puppies are also more susceptible to very cold or snowy weather. Their coat may not keep them warm, as they will not have grown their adult coat, this can take up to 12 months for some breeds.


If Fido is sick or injured, the effects of cold temperatures can have an impact as opposed to when he is healthy. Your vet can advise if your pooch needs help to maintain warmth to help keep them healthy.

Dog coats vary greatly. Choose the appropriate fabric and style for your dog’s needs. Waterproof or resistant fabrics are a good choice in really wet weather. Wool or warm fleece are other options.  Pop on over to Suffolk Canine Creche at Martlesham, they stock a vast range including puffer jackets, tweed or tartan coats, waterproof options, fleecy options, jumpers and a whole host of colours. Tel: 01473 636151



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