Ageing Dogs: Are you looking after yours the right way?

Ageing Dogs: Are you looking after yours the right way?

Canine Creche UK offers many activities for young puppies, but what about our golden oldies? Do they suit a Creche? With some dogs living to ripe old ages, the need to accommodate the older doggy population is crucial. Here’s why:

Older dogs do not need the same level of physical activities as youngsters, however, much like our own old folk, keeping the brain active and enriching their lives is equally important.

MD at Canine Creche UK Candace Rose commented “We have a growing range of oldies that visit all our facilities, they may not be leaping the agility hurdles, but they love the brain games and thinking activities. Some adore interacting with the youngsters, educating the puppies and generally having an active social life.”

“This probably resembles and sounds exactly like the social approach for our own human OAPs and you would be right! Our golden oldies at every Creche have a separate area (The Oldies Lounge) where they can see all the activity but not have energetic dogs jumping all over them. They are engaged with other dogs that are temperament suitable, as well as fussed and loved by the staff. Big squishy beds
and all manner of luxuries awaits them.”

All the Canine Creches provide plenty of rest, with nap time for snoozes as well as story time later in the day. With our canines living for much longer, a thought does need to be given to how we care for our ageing dogs. However, there is now a developing market that can offer various specialist foods for veteran dogs as well as joint supplements, plus older dogs should have more veterinary checks, teeth and joints being a priority.

Good traction on flooring is key, all the Creches have non-slip flooring and this should be checked at home, tiling or wood floors may need a rug or runner. Finally, it is said to never teach an old dog new tricks, whereas in the Canine Creche world we have found that our veterans like nothing more than learning new tricks and we introduce fresh brain games to them every week.

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