Post Pandemic Dating: Secrets from a leading Sexologist

Post Pandemic Dating: Secrets from a leading Sexologist

What is the state of Britain’s dating scene post-pandemic? With dating and meeting new people now given the green light, greetings card marketplace, have spoken to clinical sexologist, Katie Lasson and top dating expert, James Preece and polled1 Brits to figure out how they’re feeling about the dating scene. 

The results revealed that the singletons among us aren’t feeling too confident going back into the dating game. However, according to James Preece, right now is the best time to get back out there.  

“Everyone has had to put their love lives on hold, but this has also given them the chance to reflect on what they really want. So now people are looking more seriously than ever. If you want to be successful, get yourself back out there and do everything you can.” 

Singletons do seem to be taking this advice to heart with one in four (25%) going on five or more dates every month. However, not everyone is putting themselves out there to try and find their new love. 

Why are some Brits not dating? 

According to the study from, two in five (40%) singletons who don’t want to date are choosing to focus on themselves at this moment in time. With post-pandemic life only just getting started, it makes sense that people are wanting to enjoy themselves and don’t want to worry about a significant other. 

However, three in 10 (x%?) singletons have stopped their search for love due to Covid-19 making them not wholly comfortable with meeting new people and going on dates.  

Another understandable reason quoted by one in four (25%) respondents were that dating is just too stressful. What with all of the different apps and finding time to balance dating with friends, family, and work, dating can be a source of stress. 

With singletons having mixed feelings on dating, what does the future of finding love look like? 

The Future of Dating 

Clinical sexologist and relationship advisor, Katie Lasson said: “The future of dating has more positive than negative sides. The pandemic has transformed singletons into creative daters. 

Long-distance relationships now don’t seem as daunting of a prospect since the pandemic meaning people are widening their dating pool. People are more open to interacting with one another in different ways giving new opportunities to learn about your potential flame.  

The study showed that the dates we enjoy the most are the ones that give us time to sit down and talk. Drinks, coffee, and dinner proved to be the most popular which are perfect settings for really getting to know your new flame. The least popular dates were activities that are typically reserved for friends or family such as walks in nature, brunch, and bowling.  

The best piece of advice for anyone wanting to date but not sure how to traverse the new landscape is as much physical contact and in-person conversation as possible. This is the quickest way to build trust and waste less time. 

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1: The survey consisted of 2,000 UK respondents and was conducted in August 2021 

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