The Met Office issues yellow weather warning for Storm Babet

The Met Office issues yellow weather warning for Storm Babet

Storm Babet is set to unleash a prolonged period of heavy rainfall in various parts of Suffolk, encompassing Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds in the western region and extending down to Orford and along the Suffolk coast. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for this event, effective from 9 pm on Wednesday, October 18, until 6 am on Saturday, October 21.

The heaviest rainfall is likely to be across high ground in this region, although even some low lying more populated areas are likely to see some heavy rainfall also.

In the southern areas of the county, rainfall between 20mm and 40mm is anticipated, potentially causing disruptions for road travellers. There is a minor likelihood of flooding affecting homes and businesses,  possible disruption to public transport; difficult driving conditions; flooded roads and power cuts and service interruptions. Additional weather warnings from the Met Office are anticipated in the days ahead.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution as wet conditions may lead to spray and flooding, resulting in challenging driving circumstances and potential road closures. Public transportation, including bus and train services, may also face disruptions. The Met Office is expected to issue further weather warnings in the near future.

Why Storm Babet?

Storm Agnes, acknowledged as the inaugural storm of the season, was christened in honor of Agnes Mary Clerke, an Irish astronomer and science writer.

As for Storm Babet, the Dutch weather agency KMNI chose the name, which was suggested by a woman who attended an open day at their headquarters and submitted her name, citing the unique rationale that she was born during a storm.

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