What Are The Most Popular Cultural Festivals For UK Residents?

What Are The Most Popular Cultural Festivals For UK Residents?

More and more Brits are choosing to go away for their holidays. While the trend of staycations will surely not go away, the alternatives across the globe offer something unique. That comes in the form of culture! So much so, that there are actually many cultural festivals out there for UK residents to enjoy. Experts Audley Travel have utilised research to find out where exactly Brits like to go for their cultural holidays.

Google data has revealed the top five cultural festivals UK residents are most interested in. The data indicates that the top five are a worldwide mix from festivals celebrating the arts to parties on the streets.

The data revealed the top 5 most popular festivals for people in the UK are:

  1. Cannes Film Festival
  2. Day of The Dead
  3. Carnival Rio de Janeiro
  4. Mardi Gras
  5. Oktoberfest

Join us as we look at the reasons why these cultural festivals are so popular, and also take a look at the top three from the data!

Why Are Cultural Festivals Rising In Popularity?

One reason that cultural festivals have risen in popularity is because they offer travellers the chance to become immersed in the traditions and customs of a country. This gives travellers the opportunity to get to know the people and, not to mention, enjoy unique local food and drink.

Senior product manager at Audley Travel, Anna Scrivens, has shared her insights: ‘Attending a cultural festival is one of the most memorable things you can do when you travel. For me, it’s the most authentic and exciting way to learn about a country’s traditions.’

Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival, with its beautiful location on the French Riviera and star-studded guests is the most searched festival in the UK. There are many reasons that this is a popular cultural festival for UK residents. For one, the film industry in the UK is booming, and many UK citizens want to see the stars and films up close. Another reason is that it is simple beautiful down there!

Day Of The Dead

The Day of the Dead, also known as Día de los Muertos is a celebration of life and death. This holiday originated in Mexico but is now enjoyed across Latin America. You have probably seen the colourful skulls, and you may have even seen the Pixar film Coco, which explored this cultural holiday in further detail. It’s well worth taking a trip to Mexico, so that you can see this in person!

Carnival Rio de Janeiro

The colourful Carnival Rio de Janeiro is next, completing top three of the most searched festivals by UK users on Google. This unique cultural experience and the rich array of adventures activities in Brazil, make the destination top-of-list for UK travellers. Think of the biggest party possible, then think of a bigger party across a whole city, and that’s what this is! Brazil has a lot to offer UK travellers aside from the Carnival, but it’s fair to say that this is the best time to visit the South American country!


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