Spider announced as category sponsors for the Professional Development Award at the 2023 Suffolk Care Awards

Spider announced as category sponsors for the Professional Development Award at the 2023 Suffolk Care Awards

Spider, the region’s online job advertising company, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Professional Development Award at the highly anticipated 2023 Suffolk Care Awards. This award ceremony, organised by Care Development East, celebrates excellence and innovation within the care industry across Suffolk. 

The Professional Development Award recognises individuals and organisations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to advancing their skills, knowledge, and expertise within the care sector. As category sponsors, Spider reaffirms its dedication to supporting the growth and development of professionals within the care industry.  Spider is East Anglia’s only online job advertising company working across all sectors, and considers the care sector as one of its core industries. 

Professional development is of paramount importance in the care sector. It plays a vital role in ensuring that care professionals, including caregivers, nurses, administrators, and support staff, have the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to provide high-quality care and support to individuals in need. Furthermore, it fosters innovation and encourages a sense of professional pride and progression for individuals looking to grow in stature and specialisms in the field.

Michelle Pollard, MD of Spider says “We are absolutely thrilled to be sponsoring the Professional Development Award at the Care Development East Awards 2023. As an organisation deeply committed to the growth and advancement of individuals this sponsorship perfectly aligns with our values.  At a time when the care industry is undergoing rapid transformation, fostering professional development is more crucial than ever. These awards recognise the dedicated individuals who continuously strive to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise, contributing significantly to the overall quality of care provided to our communities.

By supporting the Professional Development Award, we are not only celebrating the achievements of these outstanding professionals but also reinforcing our commitment to elevating the standards of care delivery. We firmly believe that investing in the development of the care sector translates to better outcomes for both caregivers and those they serve.  As we come together to acknowledge the efforts of these individuals, we’re excited to witness how their dedication and passion will shape the future of care. Through this sponsorship, we hope to inspire a culture of continuous learning, growth, and excellence within the care sector.

Here’s to a future where professional development thrives, making a positive impact on caregivers, care recipients, and the entire care community”

Christian Bone, CEO of Care Development East, highlights the importance of professional development initiatives in the care sector: “In a rapidly evolving industry like care, continuous learning and professional development are paramount. These initiatives not only enhance the quality of care provided but also contribute to the overall well-being and job satisfaction of care professionals. We are grateful to Spider for their support in recognising and celebrating these efforts through the Professional Development Award.”

With a strong focus on connecting skilled professionals with opportunities within the care sector, Spider aligns perfectly with the goals of the Professional Development Award. Through their sponsorship, Spider aims to promote a culture of lifelong learning and growth among care professionals in Suffolk.

Christian Bone adds, “We are delighted to have Spider as a category sponsor for the Professional Development Award. Their commitment to fostering the growth of care professionals directly contributes to the enhancement of care services across our region. We look forward to recognising and celebrating the outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations in the field of professional development at this year’s Suffolk Care Awards.”

The Suffolk Care Awards ceremony is set to take place on Thursday 21st September at Milsoms, Kesgrave.  Spider’s sponsorship of the Professional Development Award underscores their ongoing dedication to supporting the care industry and promoting excellence within the sector.

Photo Credit:  Spider / Michelle Pollard / Simply C Photography

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