Why SMEs need a disaster recovery plan in place

Why SMEs need a disaster recovery plan in place

These days, the question SMEs should be asking when it comes to disaster recovery planning isn’t what would you do if you were hit by a disaster, but what would the larger companies you have contracts with do? And the answer to that question is starkly simple. They’d go elsewhere, and they wouldn’t even wait for a disaster to happen. Because the continuity of their supply chain demands they work with companies that have plans in place to withstand a disaster. We’re talking everything from rodents nibbling through your wiring, to your premises burning down, getting flooded or being otherwise destroyed.

And make no mistake, it’s SMEs who stand to lose the most if things go wrong. What with your localised offices, reach, and smaller portfolios of products or services. Meanwhile, the bigger companies can bounce back, thanks to their diverse spread of income, locations and sources. Which makes it time you got a plan in place.

Three key questions to ask

  • What kind of disaster would lead to bankruptcy for my organisation?
  • How quickly would we need to recover to ensure we could continue to meet our obligations? (Don’t forget, a disaster will start to impact your bottom line seriously in just a few hours)
  • What are the likeliest disasters to befall my company? Loss of connectivity? Infrastructure failure? Fire? To name a few.

Corbel will give you continuity

Most SMEs believe they could bounce back from any problems that might strike them in this benign part of a mostly civilised country, and they probably could… with a little support and a one-stop backup plan.

Corbel will work with you to develop a bespoke backup plan that fits your needs. It might be as simple as a robust off-site backup procedure, or a complete recovery service based in the Cloud. With further access to one of our three workplace recovery facilities, giving you a complete ‘business as usual’ service, no matter what was going on. It depends on your requirements, risk factors, and size.

We regularly review, update and test our plans to ensure they’re still fit for purpose. And as your company grows, so will our backup plan.

Corbel can put your mind at rest

Nobody likes to think of bad things happening to their business, and it’s very easy not to, especially when things are going well. So don’t. Let Corbel do it for you. As the old phrase goes, ‘Hope for the best, plan for the worse.’ And knowing Corbel have your back covered with access to offsite data backup, redirected phone lines and a place to work from, is reassuring not just to you, but other companies you work with or may want to work with in the future.

Time to think about your recovery plan? Contact Corbel’s friendly team on 01473 241515 to talk about what you need to be ready.

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