Why your business needs a Cloud on its horizon

Why your business needs a Cloud on its horizon

You’ve probably heard about the Cloud, so let’s cut to the chase. Here the experts from Corbel, tell you exactly what  the Cloud can do for your business.

  • Enables you to compete with bigger businesses by using the latest technology to improve efficiency
  • Gives your staff the tools they need to collaborate more effectively, wherever they’re based
  • Provides greater security against modern day cyber threats
  • Provides a built-in tested disaster recovery plan

In short, the Cloud can revolutionise the way you do business… but only if you choose to keep up.

What is the Cloud?

Instead of housing expensive, ageing IT infrastructure on your premises, you connect to the software and services you need remotely through the internet. This is better for your business because:

Greater security. Your data is stored in the Cloud, and you can access it no matter what happens to your PC or laptop. And don’t worry, Cloud servers are extremely secure. Think of it as storing your valuables in a bank vault, rather than a security locker.

No more growing pains. As your business finds success, you’ll gain customers and take on new staff. This extra demand on your IT infrastructure increases the chances it will falter and fail, often when you need it the most. Not so with the Cloud. Corbel’s monthly payment model allows for you to budget for all things IT in one monthly payment that can be flexed up and down to meet the changing demands of your business starting from less than £100.00 per month.

Corbel take care of everything. Automatic software updates, security updates, general maintenance… it’s all taken care of by us, at a time that won’t disrupt your working hours.

Meet the demands of the modern workplace on your terms. Your staff can work anywhere you want or need them to be. All they need is an internet connection, and they can access everything they need to work through the Cloud. Your project manager can work from Bali if they like, and still be hooked up. And the Cloud makes collaboration simpler, quicker and more productive using tools such as Microsoft Teams.

Disaster recovery. If the worse happens, and you’re hit by a disaster, the Cloud will keep your data safe, and help you avoid the challenges of data recovery, which can eat up time, expertise and money. Research suggests that small businesses are twice as likely as larger companies to have cloud-based backup and recovery in place. Using the Cloud can give you a key advantage here in a worse-case scenario.

Give you the David and Goliath factor. The Cloud is the slingshot in your back pocket, via enterprise technology and software that allows you to be nimble, act fast and compete with larger competitors. And staffing flexibility and collaboration tools means there’s no need for the costs of a central office, if you don’t want one. Can you afford to miss out on the Cloud?

Want to know what the Cloud could do for your future? Visit www.corbel.co.uk.

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