Are slow computers harming your productivity?

Are slow computers harming your productivity?

It’s a common frustration the team of cloud computing experts at Corbel see in many businesses: Staff have a lot of tasks to complete, yet can’t get started as they’re waiting for their computer to load.

They might even look like they’re doing work, but instead they’re just filling time whilst waiting for their computers to connect. Frustrating for them, lower productivity for you.

We’re talking about:

  • Machines starting up or closing-down at a snail’s pace, meaning your staff are often unable to work when they need to.
  • Lagging computers when staff try to multitask. Your workers are forced to slow their pace, frustrating their progress and holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Does this sound familiar?

You might even accept these problems as simply ‘part of life’ when you run a business. It doesn’t have to be this way – and when you look at the numbers, it’s actually a serious drain on your ability to thrive.

Slow load times have a significant impact on productivity and morale

Add up every minute of wait time. That could be thirty minutes a week say, or even thirty a day in some cases. Now multiply those minutes by each member of your staff. That soon mounts up to an alarming number of hours over the course of a working month. You’re looking at paying whole wages and salaries worth of cash with nothing to show but bitten nails and tidied drawers.

Besides, think of what your business could achieve if you could reclaim those lost minutes and hours.

A way to get that time back

Corbel offers businesses relief from the frustration of lagging systems, slow start-up times and that dreaded spinning hourglass.

Corbel’s secure business cloud package provides powerful processing muscle, which your staff access through ‘thin clients.’ These lightweight computers offer instant access to files on the cloud server, meaning your staff can start work quickly, and keep working without things slowing down or dropping out.

Your office staff, remote workers and even field staff can get access through their connected devices. Meanwhile, Corbel’s in-house technicians manage your cloud servers to ensure they perform efficiently, safely and with higher levels of security than your typical on-site hardware can provide.

Onsite servers struggle with success

A lot of businesses put in the hard work it takes to thrive and expand, only to find their onsite servers start to struggle and cause problems as demands on them grow.

The strain put on these systems by your expanding business and increased workforce leads to cranky connections and timed out purgatory. It’s a common problem that unfairly penalises successful businesses when they most need to be able to meet that increased demand.

What seemed great at first is suddenly causing setbacks, annoyed staff and even missed deadlines.

Corbel’s Cloud grows with you

Corbel’s cloud services pre-empts and meets that stage by being scalable. Meaning that as your business grows, Corbel will support you by adding more resources to your cloud, giving you all the processing power you need to ensure access remains swift and steady.

So whilst Corbel’s clients are enjoying the extra staff-hours they’re getting from a smooth system, they’re also able to keep the pace of growth up without any stumbles or gasps from their system.

Looking for a way to reclaim that lost productivity, and a system that will grow with you? Get in touch with the team at

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