Does your IT provider pass this test?

Does your IT provider pass this test?

Did your IT provider get an invite to the company Christmas party? No? In truth, you might not even know their name. Maybe they’re just a distant voice on the phone? Or a new face every time they visit your premises?

If any of the above rings true, you aren’t getting the full IT support experience, as far as Corbel are concerned. Take a look at this list and compare it against your current provider. If they’re falling short, then the new year is a perfect time to think about changing your IT provider.

 Regular contact?

Do they have their own mug in the brew room? Is it dusty?

Your IT provider should be more like a team member and not a distant relative who only calls occasionally. They should understand how you use your IT infrastructure, when you need it most, and what problems you experience day to day that need ironing out. They should be a familiar presence.

Do they invest in training?

IT advances quickly, and a great IT provider should continually train their staff to keep up with changes and new technology. Because fundamentally, that’s how they support your business.

Ask your current IT partner how they’re keeping staff trained. If they’re not doing it effectively, they’re putting you at risk.

Whilst you’re at it, ask about the accreditations they hold in the hardware and software you use daily.

Corbel’s training structure means staff are constantly on top of their game, and able to support you no matter how new or advanced your equipment may be.

Spotting innovations?

Again, this harks back to that regular contact. A great IT provider shouldn’t just be responding to issues as you report them, but thinking up the best solutions to help your business get the most out of its IT, not just their profit margins.

Corbel always look for fresh solutions to help your business flourish through IT.

 Can you put a name to the face?

What’s the first name of your IT support provider? Is it one person, or a revolving door of faces who turn up and spend just as much time getting the background on your systems and issues as they do trying to solve your problem?

Additional staff can be a sign of a healthy company, of course, but it isn’t great for you. Knowledge of your systems could be getting lost and not transferred between staff.

A familiar face gives your staff confidence that someone who knows what your problems are is here to help, and can use their background knowledge, and time spent with you, to help you along.

With Corbel, you always get that personal touch.

Does your IT get audited?

How often are visual inspections of your hardware taking place? We’re talking reviews of system patches and operating versions, which are amongst the many vital things Corbel will regularly audit for you.

Is your IT provider as flexible as you?

Your staff may not work 9-5, so your IT provider should cover the hours you need, no matter what they are.

How multi-talented are they?

Beyond the obvious support, are they good at procurement? Available to offer advice on things such as compliance and legislation, as needed? Your provider should always have help and answers for anything that falls under the umbrella of IT.

Transparent billing 

Good service costs money, and you should be getting an easy to understand bill for the services you’ve received. It’s also important to be aware of what services are covered in your current support contract, and what will be snuck in as ‘extras’ when you aren’t expecting it.

Are they looking around the corner for you?

Your provider should be monitoring your estate and resolving problems before they even become apparent. With Corbel’s effective monitoring, for example, things like running out of disk space in your server would be a thing of the past.

If any of the above has raised a red flag, don’t wait until next Christmas to invite Corbel to the party.

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