Preventing disasters is out of your hands, but surviving them isn’t

Preventing disasters is out of your hands, but surviving them isn’t

No one likes to hear the word disaster. It invokes images of fires, floods and even Godzilla lumbering out of the ocean.

Whilst it’s entirely possible these things could happen to your business (well, two of them could), there are also several far less cinematic disaster scenarios that could also strike. ‘The Day Your Connectivity Collapsed’ and ‘Infrastructure Failure 2: The Revenge’, wouldn’t make much money at the cinema, but you can be sure they’d cost you dearly to put right.  If you have no disaster recovery plan in place, you’d be glued to the screen as you watched your service, reputation and pocket take a Godzilla sized beating.

Many companies protect their IT, but not their staff.  It’s important to have a resilient IT infrastructure, and many businesses already see the value in this and have protection in place. However, that often takes the focus off the wider picture.  To ensure your IT continues to run, you need people to run it, and they need access to desks, an internet connection and telephones. These can be lost in a disaster. Where would your staff go if your premises become inaccessible due to a disaster?

Even if your office can’t function, with Corbel’s Workplace Recovery, your business can. No matter how small or large the disaster, their support package you can invoke business continuity immediately.


This gives you:

  • Quick recovery of your telephony solution
  • Access to fully equipped and dedicated office suites which have 350 desks over three sites
  • Internet access for all your staff
  • The ability to offer your customers uninterrupted service, not delays and excuses

With Corbel’s disaster recovery service, you’ll give the appearance of ‘business as usual’ to the outside world, which means the disaster you’re dealing with becomes a bump in the road, and not the end of the line.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a disaster of any kind, but things can and do happen and being prepared is vital. In fact, having the reassurance of a robust disaster recovery plan isn’t just important for you and your staff.  It’s also something many larger companies need to know you have in place before they’ll work with you.

Remember, disasters are only disasters if you aren’t prepared for them. So get your plan in place today.

Corbel can guarantee you enjoy business as usual even when you’re dealing with the unusual. Visit Corbel to find out more.

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