Powering ahead – Tesla charging points ready to go live

Powering ahead – Tesla charging points ready to go live

As the popularity of electric vehicles grows, so does the need for EV charging points.  Ipswich Borough Assets are pleased to see twelve Tesla fast charging points go live at Anglia Retail Park.

These advance chargers are set to transform the EV charging landscape, providing users with unprecedented speed and efficiency, with key features including compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles, innovative technology, user-friendly design – all of which support a hassle-free charging experience for both new and experienced EV users.

This project is another step towards meeting the environmental sustainability targets for Ipswich, with Ipswich Borough Council and Ipswich Borough Assets committed to meeting the changing technological needs, whilst protecting and future proofing the local environment.

During the installation of these charging points, Ipswich Borough Assets planted hedgerows and trees. The process ‘Carbon Sequestration’ plays a vital role in removing harmful emissions, with trees and hedgerows absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to mitigate climate change.

Colin Kreidewolf, Chair, Ipswich Borough Assets, says:

“Our commitment to sustainability is embodied in these cutting-edge fast chargers. We believe that by providing a faster and more convenient charging solution, we contribute to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, ushering in a cleaner and greener future as well as attracting visitors to the retail park by offering motorist more choice.”

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