Paul Lough: From small beginnings fixing keyboards to MD at Corbel

Paul Lough: From small beginnings fixing keyboards to MD at Corbel

For Managing Director Paul Lough, Corbel’s strength comes from the people he works with. “Without the amazing people in our teams, Corbel wouldn’t be what it is. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some very talented people, who are doing great things for our customers.”

Paul’s journey towards creating Corbel started at 14, when he did work experience for Getech, the company Corbel would ultimately grow out of. “I had my work cut out repairing and cleaning a mountain of keyboards, and changing firmware on old green screen terminals. I found my way into the technical department, then the end user sales team, before becoming technical services manager. That’s where Corbel came from. After we did our management buy out, I went from running the technical department to running a whole company. It’s been an exciting journey, and one of the things I’m most proud of. Creating a company that can make a real difference to other people’s businesses has been a huge milestone for me.”

Paul loves being able to help customers get more from their IT.

It’s so satisfying to enable our customers to get the best from their IT, and make it more streamlined and efficient. I love being able to provide a service which adds that kind of value to businesses, particularly SMEs. It’s amazing what avenues we can open up for people.

We provide Cloud hosting, backup recovery, and we’re proactive in finding ways to optimise how our customer’s IT works for them. We’re moving them away from the world of dusty old in-house architecture, to a world where IT empowers them, not hinders their progress and growth. Corbel opens up a new way forward, with easier collaboration, flexible working, and the peace of mind that comes with dedicated protection from modern-day cyber threats.

Corbel’s future is about maintaining that high level of service, whilst expanding their borders, and offering.

We’re growing, but I want to focus on doing it the right way. We’re a serviced based company, so maintaining, and finding better ways, to offer great service are the priority for me. Our customers should expect nothing less. I’ve seen other companies lose their service level as they’ve grown over the years. That won’t happen at Corbel. You’ll always have your local, swift, helpful service that marks us out as a leader in the field.

Paul is a big fan of the Suffolk business scene

My family moved to Great Cornard just outside Sudbury when I was five. I’ve always found Suffolk welcoming, and the business scene is just the same. It’s fantastic, there is so much opportunity. And as it’s a coastal county, we have such a diverse range of companies to do business with. It’s never boring, I love it.

He has sage advice for other Suffolk SMEs

Make sure you’ve got the right team. We offer technology to people, but above that, we offer a high level of service. That wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have the right people, with amazing knowledge and skills, who care about doing right by our customers. Having the right people on board is vital for a business to work at its best.

Paul has big plans for Corbel

We’ll continue to provide our customers with great service and infrastructure. We’re expanding our Cloud offering, which has proven popular with existing and new clients. We also opened a third workplace recovery centre last year. Things are going well, and people are really starting to see how we can benefit their businesses.

Corbel can make your IT work for you in ways you never imagined. Find out more at

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