New business name for Suffolk based telephony company

New business name for Suffolk based telephony company

Chicane Internet has recently celebrated its 10th birthday, which has allowed the management team an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and progress of the company. Over the years Chicane have developed into one of the country’s leading providers of telephony, forming strong partnerships with a wide range of clients across the UK.

Whilst Chicane Internet is embedded into the business and is well known within the industry, the management team believe that the time has come to progress to the next stage of development, starting with a new name which more accurately reflects the range of client services.

From 1st November 2019 Chicane Internet will become Chicane Connect.  The name change is the first step in the company’s plans to expand their services, ensuring that businesses have access to affordable, speedy and reliable business services.

Chris Reeve, Managing Director of Gascoynes Chartered Accountants has worked with Chicane Connect for over 8 years. He says “Chicane Connect has always provided Gascoynes with excellent service. As a regional company, it’s important that we can stay in touch with our clients without fear of connection dropping, that files are easily shared and that any system faults are handled in a timely manner. Our experience, with Chicane Connect provides us with all the services needed and has the added benefit of being competitively priced.

He adds “There are no hidden costs and all work is done with minimal disruption to day to day business. We look forward to working with Chicane Connect for many more years to come.”

Robert Kemp, Managing Director of Chicane Connect said “We’re thrilled to announce our new company name and we are excited to share some exciting plans with our customers. The new services being offered have been designed with customer ease in mind. We want to help grow all our customer businesses and make it easy for them to communicate with their clients. We are happy to design and create new services, that not only make our clients lives easier, but also provides reliability at an affordable price.”

For more information on Gascoynes visit their website

If you would like more information on Chicane Connect and their services, visit the website.

Photo: Chris Reeve, Managing Director of Gascoynes Chartered Accountants

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