Karen Rogers on the Benefits of Cloud Computing

Karen Rogers on the Benefits of Cloud Computing

It’s a good thing for Suffolk businesses that Karen Rogers has her head in the Clouds. In fact, as sales director at East Anglia’s local Cloud experts, Corbel, she’s helped support many local businesses with Cloud computing services, data backup and disaster recovery. And with big plans to expand their disaster recovery offering, Corbel will continue to keep many more Suffolk business’ horizons free of worry in 2018.

Karen (pictured below) has seen big changes in the industry since she joined Corbel’s precursor 27 years ago. “Our early business was pre-internet, of course, for organisations like Amstrad, but things are so different now. 2017 was all about Cloud computing, IT security and business resilience. We launched our third workplace recovery facility earlier this year, and plan more in the future. It’s important Suffolk businesses have somewhere to continue operating should disaster strike.”

Securing your SME’s Cloud

Corbel’s Cloud services continue to grow. “We’ve now extended our offering to include a data centre hosted business Cloud.” And the company caters for all sizes of business. “We offer enterprise class solutions for the average Small and Medium business, and we work to make them more affordable than ever.”

Karen stresses the importance of security, and reassuring people their data will actually be safer in the Cloud than on their current infrastructure. “The Corbel Cloud is secured at a best practice level, with many layers of resilience that most average SMEs wouldn’t be able to replicate without significant investment. It’s extremely secure against data breaches.”

How reliable is your current back-up system?

The importance of having reliable and effective back-ups for your computing systems can’t be overstated. “98% of companies need to recover their IT infrastructure within one hour before it starts impacting their business. As I always tell people, review your back-up to make sure it meets your recovery objectives as a business, and remember, these may have changed as your company has evolved. Test it. Could you get it up and running in an hour? If not, talk to us.”

Technical solutions with warm service

“Our clients respond really well to how we deliver our service. It’s the personal touch that makes us stand out from the other players in this market. We like to reassure customers who are nervous of the reliability of their current IT infrastructure. Imagine trying to run your business when your connectivity or telephony system failed, for instance. Corbel’s solutions offer relief from those worries, and we love being able to offer them that reassurance.”

Creating jobs for Suffolk

Karen was delighted to become a company director in 2016. “I’m so proud to work for a company with a great vision, and great people.” And as the company grows in the coming years, they’ll be creating plenty of new jobs for Suffolk. “As our offering increases, we’ll need to find more great people in the local area, with the right skills, to join our team.”

Corbel loves Suffolk

“I’ve lived in Felixstowe since I was two. I love the sea, I’ll never get fed up of the view and how it changes through the year,” says Karen. Her view of Suffolk’s business community is equally positive. “I love doing business in Suffolk, there’s a real willingness for the companies we engage with to find partners locally, they really value those relationships.  A lot of our business growth has come from referrals which is always so rewarding.”

As the IT landscape continues to change, you can be sure Karen and Corbel will be at the forefront, keeping Clouds running smoothly for many Suffolk businesses, and ensuring their data is safe, secure and backed up.

Visit www.corbel.co.uk for more info.

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