Is your IT support stretched by your success?

Is your IT support stretched by your success?

Your business is booming, you’ve got plans to take on new staff to deal with all those extra contracts and customers. It’s a good feeling to know that you’re doing something right. Before you take on those much-needed new staff, welcome those new customers and contracts, Corbel is here to take you through the key ways your IT infrastructure needs to be able to support your growth. Does yours pass the test?

Getting IT running now saves stumbling later

Those extra desks in the office will place a greater demand on your systems. Have you done a cost forecast of your future IT requirements? If not, now is the best time to do so, before you find your success hamstrung by overstretched infrastructure, frustrated customers, and hardware shortages.

Understanding the IT costs of taking on a new employee

  • Will they need software subscriptions?
  • What will be your user support costs?
  • What hardware do they require?
  • Will they need training in how to use your IT setup?

Can your IT infrastructure cope with new customers?

  • Can your servers handle more users?
  • Do they have enough space to store their documents?
  • Are there enough resources for processing requests?
  • Does your internet have capacity for more bandwidth requests and traffic?

Make sure you’re secure as you grow

Loose lips sink ships, and the more people you bring into your organisation, the more you need to be sure your critical data is secure against modern day threats such as hackers, malware and ransomware.

  • Do you have policies and safeguards in place for new staff?
  • Can you be sure they’re protected from threats that will harm the company?
  • Is access to your business data controlled for new staff?
  • What’s your data access policy? Can you be sure more staff will mean your data remains safe and secure?

Are your IT systems flexible enough to recruit the right talent?

Does your ideal Sales Manager candidate need to work from home once a week? Does the awesome Project Manager you want to recruit prefer to work later into the evening, which is when your backup is running? How about that Finance Controller who permanently works remotely and will need a video calling solution to talk to your directors?

Growing your business with talented new staff can mean your IT needs to adapt. Can it?

Could your IT infrastructure pass the Corbel growth stress test? If not, or you’re not sure about the answers to any of these questions, visit to find out about an IT solution that fits your budget, and fuels your success.

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