Is it time to turn your IT support off and on again?

Is it time to turn your IT support off and on again?

Imagine this… you’re the captain of a cargo freighter heading to Rotterdam. Things couldn’t be better. You’ll soon be delivering a lucrative shipment to your eager customers.

Suddenly, there’s a loud crunching noise and you’re dead in the water and listing to starboard. Don’t panic, you tell your crew as you pick up the phone and call your engine support expert. It looks like the engine is broken, and water is trickling into your lower decks, she tells you. However, because she’s only used to fixing smaller boats, like the one you used to have, she doesn’t know how to help. And because she’s a one-person operation, she’s busy anyway fixing another ship in Cuba.

You’d have to say that this Captain had made poor choices. But all he’s really done is fail to consider the scaling up of his support as his business has grown. Easily done. Nonetheless, it’ll cost his business dearly.

Whilst your business may be safely on dry land right now, you could still find yourself sinking fast in deep water if your IT support isn’t up to scratch. Because you never know when a critical IT situation will give your businesses’ ability to function a bad case of scurvy.

Don’t be left stranded by ineffective IT support

What does your current IT support look like?

  1. Are they proactive? Effective IT support isn’t about waiting for things to go wrong. A good IT partner will monitor and maintain your systems to prevent issues before they arise. They’ll also assist you with a strategy that supports your business growth with improved efficiencies as you scale up.
  2. Are they qualified? IT support is a specialised industry. It’s also constantly evolving. Are you getting the right advice? Are they using up to date knowledge? If not, they can’t keep your business protected.
  3. Are they responsive? One person can’t be available all the time, and IT failures could happen at any point, day or night. Can they guarantee response times? Do they have a team that can prioritise you no matter how many other clients they may have?
  4. Are they dedicated? Have they taken the time to understand your business? Will they regularly attend on-site meetings and understand your challenges? Have they tailored their services to best serve you?

If any of these questions don’t receive a resounding yes, then it may be time to jump ship.

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