Ipswich firm announces SPACE DAYS initiative

Ipswich firm announces SPACE DAYS initiative

Leading logistics software provider Fargo Systems have taken the unusual step and given six space days per year to staff, to complete jobs that are hard to justify within their typical working day.

Launching in January 2020, the initiative has been introduced to improve employees time at work by encouraging them to mix and match and design their space day, completing tasks that they wish they could find the time to achieve, but rarely do. Be it managing emails, watching tutorials, blue-sky thinking or merely helping a colleague.

Steve Collins, director of Fargo Systems, said: “Staff across our Ipswich and Exeter offices will come to work at the beginning of a space day and be there at the end of the day too. However, within that time, staff have the freedom to go off-site away from the day to day office distractions. As far as colleagues are concerned, they are not available; they’re in space.

Steve continues: “This was about a motivating workplace culture and promoting a sense of achievement and satisfaction. We have had a universally positive response from staff, and it will be a benefit to everyone, including our clients.”

Since its formation in 2002, Fargo Systems has been at the forefront of logistics industry technology, and currently, the company’s team of 22 staff (based across offices in Ipswich and Exeter) works with over 120 ‘live’ customers around the globe.

Visit the Fargo Systems website to find out more.

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