Inn Style’s New Algorithm Eases Campsite Owner Worries

Inn Style’s New Algorithm Eases Campsite Owner Worries

Inn Style, the online booking platform based in Martlesham, Suffolk, has released a new feature that safeguards campsite owners from exceeding their legal occupancy limit.

Each campsite owner can set their occupancy limit – whether for legal reasons, such as fire safety, or operational reasons, such as catering capacity. Then, in real time as a new reservation is taking place, the system checks the booking data against the current campsite occupancy on each of the requested dates. The booking is only accepted if it doesn’t break the limit set.

Lucy Honeychurch, from Higher Town Farm in Cornwall, explains: “With the volume of bookings we receive, keeping tabs on the number of adults and children on-site on any one day can be very difficult. We can now rely on Inn Style to prevent bookings that would land us in hot water. It’s a real relief!”

Chris Waters, from Inn Style adds: “From talking to our campsite customers, it became clear that these limits can be a real headache for campsites to monitor and manage. We have the campsite’s booking data and the processing power, so we’ve built the functionality to help them to manage this issue.”

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