Do you use Microsoft Teams? Here’s why you should…

Do you use Microsoft Teams? Here’s why you should…

Microsoft Office 365 offers a host of invaluable apps as standard, and they’re changing the way businesses do, well, business. Microsoft Teams in particular is revolutionising how organisations communicate on projects. It’s the WhatsApp for business and has already gained widespread adoption across the business community. Corbel’s Tim Goddard asks, can your business afford not to use Microsoft Teams?

How many times have you emailed a group of colleagues with an urgent proposal, only to wait days for a response, which is inevitably full of suggestions for alterations and improvements? Which you then painstakingly implement, before resending, waiting, and repeating the process. Meanwhile, deadlines zoom over your head.

Office 365’s great little Microsoft Teams app officially places that process into the dustbin of ineffective business communication history. Which means it’s time to think how Microsoft Teams can benefit your company, or risk falling behind competitors who have already gotten to grips with this simple but powerful app.

Microsoft Teams has changed the game

The app, part of the Office 365 package, brings social media’s chat functionality, video conferencing, and good old voice conversation into the mix, alongside your project documents from your SharePoint or OneDrive files. This gives you everything you need to collaborate effectively in one neat package.

Simply set up a Teams meeting, collaborate in real time with your colleagues, pool their feedback in one place, and finalise the document.

What’s even better, especially for those ‘always on’ millennials, is Microsoft Team’s availability across all platforms and browsers. The ‘chat’ concept is something we’ve all grown used to, and now it’s giving you the power to make things happen quicker.

Yet Teams is so much more than a chat client, it’s a serious shot in the arm to boost your productivity. So don’t get left behind.

What can Microsoft Teams do for you?

Keep everything in one accessible place – Simply create a team, share and collaborate in one place. You can make as many teams as you have projects.

It’s in the Cloud – No more setting up an online dial-in meeting channel, then faffing around trying to show participants a document, proposal or presentation from an unlinked location. Being part of Office 365, it’s accessible through your staff’s browsers, or even their phone’s Windows 10 apps. Your people will receive desktop notifications about a project. You can easily message your team, view updates and make calls.

Organise every project you have – You won’t get confused between different projects. Each project gets a channel, and keeps your conversations organised.

Boost your productivity with Bots ­­– Bots can help you do things such as manage meeting requests or handle travel arrangements. And more are being created by dedicated developers all the time.

Organise your files much better – As 365 is Cloud-based, all your key documents are stored and organised in one place, in a linear, easy to use fashion.

To ignore Office 365’s Microsoft Team app is to be left in the era of email warriors and delayed communication whilst other businesses benefit from it’s features. If you’re using Office 365, it’s already there at your fingertips. Is it time to look at what it can do for you?

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