Are you certain your IT systems are secure from cyber attacks?

Are you certain your IT systems are secure from cyber attacks?

Corbel’s Technical Director, Tim Goddard, warns that the potential cost of not giving your IT systems an annual risk audit could be astronomical.

Would you drive a car that was out of MOT? I mean, it might be fine, says the devil on your shoulder. There probably won’t be any problems, and hopefully you’ll get away with it.

Most sensible people wouldn’t use that car.

Just like with safe driving, words like might, probably and hopefully won’t cut it when it comes to the safe running of your IT infrastructure. You could be storing up problems, leaving yourself at risk to hackers, and be inviting malware into your life. And sod’s law means the decision to avoid having an annual risk audit could come back to bite you when you least need it.

How well patched are you?

Have you patched your hardware? Is it up to date?

What’s the worse that could happen if you left it?

Remember that recent ransomware attack? It crippled Maersk, TNT, and the NHS, not to mention any number of smaller businesses, and they’re still recovering now. Patches are released to stop vulnerabilities in the same way vaccines are developed to prevent you from catching nasty diseases.

Think about it like this, if you were going on a once in a lifetime trip to the rainforests, would you skimp on your inoculations?

Are your antivirus and malware protection up to date?  

Much like patching, it’s vital to keep your antivirus and malware protection current. Viruses might not be evident at first glance. Hackers are smart, sneaky and always evolving new ways to get into your systems. They can place hidden programs on your network, and steal data with which to hold you ransom, or even get direct access to your financial systems.

And they don’t just pick on the big guys, they look for operations with lax antivirus and malware protection, because it’s easy for them. Local companies have been compromised, and it’s cost some of them tens of thousands to sort out.

Is your firewall solid?

Would you leave the front door of your premises wide open when you went home at night? Probably not, if you don’t want to give uninvited guests access to your equipment and valuables. It’s the same deal with your firewall.

Are you sure your techies haven’t left a door open in your firewall?

For example, from that one time marketing asked them to, just so they could get a file transferred quickly?

Was it closed again? Are you sure?

It’s that easy.

Who has access to your Active Directory and Domain Administration accounts?

“It’s okay, Tim,” I hear you say. “My IT admin takes care of all that security stuff.”

Are you sure of that?

What if the IT apprentice was inadvertently given access to create accounts for all security groups? And they then created test accounts with full access, and forgot about it. Then a month later an unscrupulous hacker cracked the combination of user ‘Test’ and password of ‘Password1’ and proceeded to encrypt your whole file server with ‘hacked by web mafia’ file extensions?

Sound unrealistic? I can tell you this has happened.

Who is on your webservers & Wi-Fi networks?

These are manna from heaven for your basic workaday hacker, because they’re the easiest route into your network if not secured.

“What’s your Wi-Fi details please mate? Just need to get an email presentation down for one of the directors…”

Those could be the fateful words that let a hacker into your life.

You’re secure with Corbel

Corbel can give your business’ IT infrastructure a thorough annual risk audit. Most hackers would be over the moon if you didn’t take us up on that offer. Because then they could exploit your data, hold you to ransom, and even prevent your business from functioning. Don’t let this happen.

Visit for more info.

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