Archway Carpets: Riding the retail wave

Archway Carpets: Riding the retail wave

Darrell Smith, aka The Carpet Guy, is co-owner with his father at Woodbridge-based Archway Carpets.

Retail has had its challenges over the last few years with large and small brands leaving the high street and vacating out-of-town stores. It is heartening then to see the likes of Woodbridge based Archway Carpets, a small family-run independent business, not only weathers the storm but rides high on its waves.

It was also this year that Archway Carpets turned 35. The business was started by Graham Smith back in 1984 in the very premises they still work out of on Church Street. His son Darrell joined the company eight years ago after his mother, who helped out at the shop with admin, fell ill. Her wish to see Darrell join Graham in the business was realised before she sadly passed away. In April of this year, they celebrated their 35 years with a party for family, friends and customers. It was a chance to acknowledge their three and a half decades in Woodbridge while also remembering a mum and wife who was instrumental in making the business a success it is today.

With Graham’s extensive knowledge, a shared passion for delivering exceptionally high levels of customer service Darrell got on with bringing the business into the 21st Century. A new website followed, as well as Instagram and Facebook accounts to advertise their values and products. Not stopping there, an at-first-reluctant Darrell was coaxed in front of the
camera to share carpet and flooring tips and trends. Darrell tells us: “It was scary for sure, but we’re keen on constantly setting ourselves apart while adding value.” It worked. Darrell became The Carpet Guy and at the time of writing have produced over 16 videos covering anything from green flooring, striped carpets, heavily patterned carpets, outdoor rugs and even artificial grass.

Earlier this year, Graham was asked in the blog They Say It’s Your Birthday to reflect on his many years in business. He said at the time: “The business has been a success, but it could’ve easily folded in the first few years. To carry on for this length of time, you must be doing something right.” After two major recessions and competition from national brands, you’d be hard pushed to disagree with him.

For more information on how Archway Carpets can provide you with your very own flooring luxury, please visit the Archway Carpets website.

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