Why September is the perfect month to kick-start your marketing efforts

Why September is the perfect month to kick-start your marketing efforts

Are you finding it hard to generate regular marketing content for your business?

Do your social media posts lack cohesion? Does your blog go months or even years without an update? In the world of marketing, we use a media calendar. It’s a constant source of key dates in the local and national diary, a prompt for new ideas to write about and a great way to give cohesion to a marketing strategy that might otherwise be lacking.

September has plenty of material to kick-start your marketing plans.

Local dates

The weather is changing, the night is drawing in, and the leaves are turning yellow, which means the tourist trade is changing from buckets and spades to extra layers and country house visits.

The Great British Beach Clean takes place this month, and it’s a great way to get involved in the community, and show how your business is helping the clean up effort.

Meanwhile, there’s a good selection of charity events. One of the main ones is Splat Quack Go. Dare you field a team and raise some money for charity on this mud run through bogs, ditches and obstacles? It’s good karma and a great source of publicity.

National dates

September is the month when kids go back to school, and even if school is a distant memory, many people still get an echo of that feeling. People want to get organised, invest in their children’s education and actually tick off the new year’s resolutions they’d forgotten about.

Even if you don’t run a school uniform supply depot, you can still find some angle that appeals to these drives:

  • Are you in the health and fitness industry? Write about some exciting and nutritious lunch box ideas
  • How does your product or service help people get organised or ready? How can it appeal to people returning from holidays and getting back into the grind of their regular routines?

You’ve also got Roald Dahl Day on 13th September and it’s officially 100 days to Christmas on the 16th. Oktoberfest also actually begins on the 22nd of September. All good hooks to link your business to if you can think of an angle.

September is also Childhood Obesity, Ovarian Cancer and Healthy Ageing Awareness month. National Suicide Prevention Week starts on the 9th, and World Suicide Prevention Day is the 10th.  Are you doing anything to raise awareness for these issues, or does your product or service relate to any of these causes? It’s a great way to raise awareness of your brand whilst highlighting these social issues.

Generating ideas already? Don’t forget to come back next month to find out what spooky marketing opportunities October offers.

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