Video testimonials can be an effective business tool

Video testimonials can be an effective business tool

Help prospective customers to understand how great you all are with video testimonials. Simon Greene from SGA Video & Events shares his tips and experience of creating video testimonials as an effective conversion tool.

For many years ‘Word of Mouth’ has been widely regarded as the most effective form of marketing. But instead of waiting for news to spread naturally about how your product or service has helped your customers, why not get proactive with the creation of video testimonials?

Here’s how to produce video testimonials that will really work for your business.

Keep it Real

An authentic endorsement from somebody who is genuinely happy to have dealt with your organisation is worth its weight in gold. Video testimonials from your customers or suppliers need to be ‘real’ and should not be overly-scripted.

Give your subject a helping hand

Speaking on camera isn’t the most natural thing to do. So to help get the monologue flowing, arm yourself with some loose questions to help guide your subject if they get stuck for words.

Ask the right questions

Prompt your subject with carefully thought-out questions that will enable you to get some real insights and will enable you to frame the video testimonial in a way that will showcase your key messages.

Set your objectives before you start

What do you want viewers to ‘do’ after viewing the video, how do you want them to feel, and how will your testimonials be promoted / integrated into your current marketing activity?

Having an idea of what outcomes you hope to achieve will enable you to set out the testimonial in the most effective way.


Think about any additional footage you might need

Think of creative ways in which you can include other relevant footage within the video testimonial.

Adding some cutaways of your subject enjoying your product or engaging with your service can not only add content to their testimonial, but also adds an extra layer to what could potentially become quite a one-dimensional video.

Tell a story

Just like with a written testimonial, don’t forget the what, why & how before talking about the success of your product or service. People need context and they need to be able to hear how somebody else’s experience may relate to their own.

Don’t be afraid to reference the negative

It’s a fact of life that nothing runs smoothly all of the time, so don’t be afraid to include reference to any problems. Not only does this help with ‘keeping it real’, but it also provides the opportunity to mention how great you or your product was in resolving the issue.


Consider your branding

Think about how your footage is going to help reinforce your company image and ensure that the shooting style is reflective of your overall brand.

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