Kick start your January marketing campaign with The Bridge Marketing

Kick start your January marketing campaign with The Bridge Marketing

If you want to expand your marketing efforts this year, then the The Bridge Marketing guide is your best place to start.  Their media calendar is stuffed with great ideas to fill your social media channels and blog with timely and captivating content. Read on to discover plenty of relevant topics and themes that will ensure you’re never short of inspiration for something to say ever again.

Local calendar

January may be a quiet month for tourism, but there’s plenty of opportunity for networking and upskilling in the local community. With Suffolk Chamber of Commerce offering a seminar on the future of Ipswich, it’s a great theme to help generate some content ideas of your own. What are your thoughts on the future of your industry, and the business community in general in your part of Suffolk? Don’t be afraid to add your own unique voice to the conversation, through Twitter, or via a more considered blog or Facebook post.

Are you or your staff doing Dry January or one of the similar health related challenges this year? If so, it’s a perfect subject to dedicate some of your media posts to and show that you and your brand are helping encourage people towards a more positive lifestyle.

January is just the start for marketers. In the next few months there are plenty of big dates, causes and events in the local and national diary that will get your marketing efforts moving like never before. So see you in February!

National Calendar

After the frenzy of Christmas indulgence has died down, January is the month where people start making resolutions. Whether losing weight, being more organised or simply spending less, people are looking for ways to make a positive change in their lives. So why not brainstorm a few ways your products or services will help people achieve these resolutions? Gyms, health coaches and people who sell organisers will find this process easy, of course, but there are ways for other businesses to generate content too. If your business sells internet services, for example, spend a few social media or blog posts explaining how your offering will save people money, time and stress.

A list post is always an easy way to write a blog. Try and escape the old ‘Five ways to get organised this year’ style post, as there are hundreds of these already out there. See if you can add a little twist to the format to catch a reader’s eye. ‘Five reasons you don’t need to get organised this year,’ for example. Just don’t forget to make sure it relates to your business.

January is also the month where people like to make predictions for the year ahead. It’s a great excuse for you to write a little about where your industry is heading, what you believe will be the big events of the year, and how you think things will play out. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion and expertise because it will give you a unique angle to work from and help reinforce the idea that you’re an expert in your field.

Let’s face it, January can seem like a bleak month for many. After the excitement of Christmas, the winter can suddenly seem like a long slog through endless cold and dark days. Posting about ways your products and services can alleviate the likes of SAD, winter colds and general January blues is a rich seam to generate ideas for content.

Cervical Health Awareness Month, National Birth Defects Prevention Month and Thyroid Awareness Month are all observed in January. If you’re doing a charity event, have personal experience of these issues or your products or services resonate with any of these causes, it’s well worth using your social media and blog to highlight your involvement.

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